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CPR Training

Get Trained Save a Life

When seconds count, would you know what to do? Every year, over 350,000 lives are lost due to sudden cardiac arrest, a leading cause of death worldwide. But there’s a powerful solution within your reach: CPR training. Why is CPR training so crucial? Here’s why:
  • Immediate Response: In a medical emergency, the first few minutes are critical. By learning CPR, you gain the ability to provide immediate life-saving assistance while waiting for professional help to arrive.
  • Every Second Matters:Cardiac arrest can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere – from a loved one at home to a colleague at work. With CPR skills, you become a beacon of hope, increasing the chances of survival until advanced medical care is available.
  • Confidence to Act: CPR training equips you with the confidence to take action during high-stress situations. No more feeling helpless when faced with a medical crisis – you’ll know exactly what to do and be capable of making a life-or-death difference in someone’s world.
  • Community Resilience: Imagine an entire community where everyone is CPR trained. The ripple effect of your knowledge can create a safer environment for everyone, saving lives and fostering a sense of responsibility.

Why Choose Us?

     We know when it comes to CPR training you have plenty of options, so why choose us?

     Our CPR instructor cadre consists of emergency medical service professionals with decades of real-world experience.   Our training goes beyond textbook knowledge.  It is enriched by my years on the front lines, dealing with real-life emergencies. Learn what works and what doesn’t from someone who’s been there.

     We also utilize cutting-edge methods to enhance your learning experience and to empower you with confidence that you can apply the skills learned in a real-world event.

CPR Feedback Monitoring

Our CPR manikins continuously monitor the effectiveness of compressions, including rate, depth, and recoil with an app generated report of your performance.​

EOLife X Ventilation

The EOLife X gives real-time visual feedback about airway management and good ventilation, and its bar graph displays the volume of air inhaled and exhaled.​

Experienced Instructors

Learn from Paramedics who possess a wealth of real-word experience to provide you with a realistic training opportunity and valuable feedback based on their own experience.​

Scenario-Based Training

Once you have completed your certification, optional training time is allotted afterwards for the opportunity to immerse yourself in realistic scenarios to test your new skills.​