Crisis Zone Consulting stands at the forefront of specialized training for a diverse clientele, encompassing private sector employees, law enforcement personnel, and emergency responders. Our curriculum is meticulously structured to address the full spectrum of safety, security, firearms proficiency, preparedness, and emergency medical training. Each course is designed to meet the specific needs and regulatory requirements of our clients, ensuring comprehensive preparedness for a variety of scenarios. Our certified instructors deliver dynamic, scenario-based training, imparting practical skills and theoretical knowledge that empower individuals to act decisively and effectively in high-stakes situations. Whether it’s a corporate team looking to enhance workplace safety or a public safety unit seeking advanced tactical training, Crisis Zone Consulting is dedicated to elevating the standards of protection and emergency response across all sectors.

Training Programs

Active Shooter Survival

Active Shooter preparedness programs and seminars for private sector businesses, schools, and community groups.


CPR AED certification programs offered through the American Heart Association & American Red Cross.

Emergency Medical Care

A variety of emergency medicine programs, from basic to customized programs that reflect your industry & environment.

EMS Training

Specialized education for EMS providers, including tactical medicine, Rescue Task Force, and EMS leadership.

Firearm Instruction

We believe training promotes responsible firearm ownership and offer basic marksmanship to defensive pistol courses.

Law Enforcement Programs

A variety of programs designed to improve decision-making, de-escalation, and tactical resolution of critical incidents.

Upcoming Training Events

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