Rescue Task Force

Rescue Task Force Train-the-Trainer

Rescue Task Force Train-the-Trainer Course Details

Our 4-day Rescue Task Force Train-the-Trainer course is designed to bring law enforcement and FD/EMS personnel together to focus on saving lives.  Taught by instructors with both law enforcement and EMS backgrounds, this course focuses on overcoming operational challenges and provides a framework for seamless integration with each other and prepares partner instructors to deliver Rescue Task Force training to their respective agencies.

Course Topics

  • The Rescue Task Force concept
  • Equipment considerations
  • Deployment considerations
  • Setting the ground rules
  • Role of law enforcement
  • Role of FD/EMS
  • Zones of care
  • Medical priorities
  • Integration into tactical operations
  • Effective RTF deployment and movements
  • Establishing casualty collection points
  • Effective warm corridor establishment
  • Contingency planning
  • Instructional methodologies and how to deliver the course

Course Length

4 Days (32 Hours)

Equipment List

  • Duty/Tactical gear with holster and magazine pouches
  • Medical gear
  • Clear eye protection



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